Thursday, June 07, 2007

Liveblog Continued

Looks like I ran out of comment space on the other one.


Alan Coverstone said...

To Clement: We need a convention Center. What about being a green mayor?

Good idea. We need LEAD standards. May cost a little more, but you can do it wisely and efficiently without spending major money. Need to be envuronmentally friendly: schools, metro buildings, encouraging developers, emphasize sidewalks, bicycle paths, etc.

Alan Coverstone said...

To Briley: How to balance development with the infrastructure?

Adding high density downtown, will better utilize our city schools and existing infrastructure. I want to be the Green Mayor. If we don't do thinkgs today, we will lose the chance. Spend 1 penney to buy 1-2000 acres of green space. I proposede Lead legislation. I have a multi-point plan to handle these issues. This is what I have been doing for the last 8 years on Council.

Alan Coverstone said...

To Dean: What about diesel and trucks in metro fleet?

We should use alternative fuels. Air is our biggest environmental problem. Need rapid bus transit. Gas prices high, and concern about environemnet and parking high. Need fewer autos downtown. Our proposal most realistic. Can begin bus without light rail costs, and in a way that allows move to light rail. Buses comfortable. Build as you get the money. Equipped to turn the lights at the intersection. Will make transit convenient and rapid. Better bus stops with real information about when it will come. This is a real solution.

Alan Coverstone said...

To Dozier: Urban services subsidizing other tax districts. Will you work to merge the tax districts?

A concern of mine for a long time. Urban Services District subsidizes more than you know. Not just mayor's courage but on council as well. The Council controls the Districts. I want to move to merge. It will take courage. Need right people around the table. Individual Council members closest to the people.

Alan Coverstone said...

Closing Stements: Dozier: We are happy Karl is here. Quality of Life issues extremely important. I have an aggressive plan for education. Conflict resolution, community schools, and an endowment for public education. Public safety: Life has changed, and we need to develop hometown security.

4 Themes: Common sense, common decency, accountability, and responsibility. Our moral ozone layer is depleted. Need to look at fundamentals that made this country great. Nashville Dream is within the American Dream. Those four themes together would make us all better. I have been in professions all my life trying to make people and communities better. We are setting the tone for the next generation. We need to make the right tough decisions for future generations. Not JUST sidewalks and potholes. I am ready to lead in quality of life. will show you more.

Alan Coverstone said...

Clement: We are an international city at the cross roads. Good will ambassador and saleman for Nashville. We need to take music city, usa to a new level. 1/2 of US pop within a day's drive. We need to sell it and develop economic base. Increased graduation rates. Need expanded career development. Need serious reduction in juvenile crimes. More and better kjobs. A beuatiful riverfront park. Thousands living downtown. Smarter transportation, more environmentally conscious. Office of volunteerism. Baseball. Many cannot afford a Titans game but baseball they can. Can move from Good to Great.

Alan Coverstone said...

Briley: Expectations won't make me taller, but this election is about expectations. All should expect the next Mayor to know what we are doing as a city. I will not always know the answers, but you can count on me to lift expectations up. Every child should graduate on time with a meaningful diploma. I will work every day to get our funds from state. I will raise expectations of our parents. Charter schools will play a role because we can learn better how to teach our children. We do have low crime right now, but we have issues to address. I will create community enforcement teams - 70 new officers like Giuliani in New York. Every problem left is complicated. We need a Mayor who can get us through the complicated issues. I have spent 8 years studying everything. Easier to practice law. I grew up here, and chose to come back because I want to make a difference in this community. Son Sam deserves to play in clean creek. I have vision, passion, and energy.

Anonymous said...

For the record, that's LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Freddie O'Connell