Saturday, December 22, 2007

Can Obama Win in Tennessee?

He can win in Tennessee. He is the first Democrat in recent election cycles to embrace a 50 state strategy. This decision is crucial because it shows that he really does care and need every individual American in order to lead. The Democratic Party has created some of the problems that lead me to ask, "What's the Matter with Tennessee," because of its almost completely ignoring the state in particular and the south in general during the past 2 presidential election cycles. Creating the impression that Democrats don't need the south to win has bred far more resentment in the south than a moderate, thinking, and well-meaning democrat like Barack Obama ought to encounter. The slim, electoral college strategy of the Clinton/Gore/Kerry campaigns has to go if the arrogance that southern voters perceive in democratic presidential candidates is ever to be overcome.

Tennessee matters, and Barack Obama knows it. His campaign is reaching into every state on the strength of people who long to be relevant to the national leadership question again.

That is one strength that Obama brings to this campaign and one of the main reasons that he is a different democrat. Post your comments to add others.