Thursday, June 07, 2007

Candidate Forum Reactions

It was great to live blog during the forum. I did my best to write exactly what I heard, and I will spend some time in the next few days assessing some of the details. I will be happy to post any edits made necessary by my mishearing or the two technical glitches I experienced with the site. In general, though, the comments on the live blog posts are pretty thorough.

My first reaction is that I was glad to see so many of my former government students involved with campaigns. It is so important to be involved in local politics, especially this election cycle when we will choose a somewhat new direction for 4 or probably 8 years. I want to repeat my call to my former students. I would love for you to join me in writing for this blog. I have taught people all over the political spectrum but whose opinions are thoughful and important. I would love to have your contributions regularly recorded here. Let me know if you would like to be added as a contributer.

I also appreciated the work of the West Nashville Presidents Association in putting the forum together. The format was solid and things moved on time. The candidates addresed some important issues sparked by questions from neighborhood association members in attendance. Everything ran profesionally and well.

I was impresed with all of the candidates. Nashville will likely be well-served by any of them. Still, I drew some clear conclusions from my listening, and I will share those in the next post. As always, I invite responses whether you agree or disagree with my conclusions.

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Rob Robinson said...

Well done, Alan. Thanks for taking this herculean typing effort on. Sorry we did not get a chance to meet last night.

Thanks for the kind words about the planning. There were a host of folks involved, and that seemed to make things run pretty smoothly.