Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another technical glitch - Last part of liveblog

Dean continued with his priorities education, safety, and livability. I am fiscally sound in my proposals.


Alan Coverstone said...

Dean concluded: I will change the non-working parts of education. Public safety is number one obligation of government - then city will grow. Economic development will follow. We are hottest city for business relocation. Hot because livable city, but we need to be sure we appreciate businesses that started here. Clear priorities. Don't promise too much and watch out for tax base.

Alan Coverstone said...

Gentry: What will you say to make people want to vote for you? I could be smart, but I want to talk about what is most important to the people. I have been a part of everything good and exciting going on in this city over last 6+ years. I also believe it is my duty to deal with the most important issues. The social ills and the community are important, but I was the only one talking abolut it. Now all of these guys are making it an important issue. That shows how important this issue really is. I will talk about changing a culture. Great growth not limited to last 8 years. We have grown for past 50 years. We have laid Nashville's foundation to allow us to step pbeyond our wildest dreams. I want you to join me. In the process of changing the culture you will grow a city. We can do it together.I am the only candidate with the capacity to wrap his arms around the whole situation and improve it.