Friday, June 08, 2007

Corrections and Fact Checks - Mayoral Forum

Thanks to those who have helped with details and corrections from my hasty typing during the forum:

LEAD should read LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Dean described bus rapid transit. The Federal Transit Administration has prepared a report about this concept.

Anne Davis spells her name with an "e." I got that wrong in Dean's opening statement about his deciding to stay in Nashville after law school.

Dozier endorsed the “Future of Neighborhoods” study by the Neighborhoods Resource Center.

The Strtegic Plan for Sidewalks featured in the first round of questions.

Bob Clement was president of Cumberland University.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Alan. You did a great job blogging this to the universe-no surprise considering your background. Since I am a partisan supporter of one of the candidates, I won't offer my opinion on the performances (obviously I thought my guy was great etc)but I do want to say that the students who were present that I talked to were articulate, smart and understood both the process and the substance of what the evening was about.I was very impressed with them. The West nashville umbrella organization obviously put a lot of work into this and did an excellent job.