Monday, August 20, 2007


The City Paper is reporting that a blogger has filed a complaint over Fred Thompson's testing the waters campaign with the FEC (

I will be attending a Magnet Cluster Parents' Group meeting tonight, and I will be unable to watch the televised mayoral deabte live. I hope some of you will post your reactions to that debate here. I will try to get a look at it on tape when I get home.

I hope the format will yield some deeper exploration of the policies these men will pursue in office.

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Sully said...

The way this debate was set up, it seemed there would be many opportunities for the fur to fly and for the two men to dig into the issues that separate them from one another. Instead, it turned out to be a very cordial friendly affair. You didn't miss much, Alan. I was pulling for Dean at the beginning, and trying to stay open to being swayed toward Clement. he is just too phony for me. The most animated Dean got was when Clement asked him about his roots and why, some time ago in an non-described venue, Dean had made a distinct effort to label himself as "not from here." Dean fired back (well, I thought) and defended his last 26 or so years here investing in the city, venturing to guess that he had spent a lot more time in the city than had Clement. I'll be interested to see how the mainstream outlets interpret the evening.