Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Enough Diverting Fun - Back to Why this Blog Exists in the First Place

I don't mind asking tough questions. If I am wrong, I am happy to be shown to be with warrants. Name calling makes me laugh, and sometimes I enjoy playing back with a name caller, but that's all in good fun.

This morning's main issue and central question should be, with Metro Schools now officially in NCLB hot water, what distinguishes how the remaining mayoral candidates will respond. It isn't as if these numbers are a surprise. Dr. Garcia has been talking about them for some time, and there are problems with NCLB.

I'd like to peel all of that away for a minute and ask supporters of each candidate to make the case for some specific actions the next mayor will take to deal with the issue.

We'll take as the null hypothesis that neither man will be any better suited to handle the situation than the other. Please tell me why the null hypothesis is wrong.

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martin kennedy said...

I actually think Dean might be better but marginally... the null is probably true.

My sense is that Dean will be more open to alternative approaches like Middle College High School and Big Picture School. I think, given the current constraints, that creative alternatives will help.