Thursday, July 26, 2007

That Buzz

At lunch today, I ran into one of the people from the Briley event I attended last night, and I could tell that Briley's grasp of the city's challenges and opportunities in transportation had impressed him. As almost always seems to happen when David Briley gets the chance to speak thoughtfully, people were impressed. Far from political calculations, Briley readily admits where the tough questions lie, gives his impressions and, listens to perspectives that differ. These great qualities for a mayor came through once again last night, and I can sense the momentum growing.

Look for Briley supporters canvassing your neighborhood soon. Plenty of work remains in getting supporters to the polls, and you can help. If you are impressed, make sure that the people you know understand why. If you run into people who are not planning to vote, explain the significance of this election for the future of Nashville, and ask them to vote for David Briley.

Early voting runs through Saturday. Be sure to make your voice heard.

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